I have always been intrigued by mysterious art and my favourite artist in the teens, was Salvador Dali. Art for me is when imagination awakens while gazing at an image. When I discover patterns, symbols, beings or anything that at first is not obvious for the eye. People see different things and I love that. I am drawn to certain water and take photos of the surface. But its not until looking at the image afterwards, magic happens. The only image editing I have done, is colour enhancement.

Feel free to contact me if you wish to purchase any photos (with or without mount) or see the original ones. (The photos displayed below are reduced in size and quality)



Photo Exhibitions

Delsbo Library, Sweden

Wish you were here, Glastonbury 2018

Cafe Zero, Glastonbury 2018

Rogues Gallery, Glastonbury 2018




Somewhere in India



Auroville India

Tadpoles, India



Glastonbury Somerset

 Hampstead Heath, London



 Glastonbury Somerset




 White Spring Glastonbury Somerset

 Pond Shekinashram Glastonbury Somerset



 River in Kissos, Greece




 River Dart, Devon





Magical River Dart, Devon





 Somewhere in India

 Pond in National Gardens, next to the Parliament, Athens Greece




 Park in Hudiksvall,  Sweden

 Pond in Ängsbacka, Sweden




 Pond in National Gardens, Athens, Greece

 River in Kissos, Greece




 Park in Hudiksvall, Sweden






























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