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is a combination of indian head massage and energy balancing where you recieve massage on shoulders, neck and head. Its performed while you sit on a comfortable chair and is very sothing, envigorating and relaxing. 1 hour and can be combined with coaching.






Would you like to feel more empowerment and inspiration? Do you have a need for direction and nurturing in life? During this session I will guide you towards greater peace and clarity through active listening, intuition, communication  and subtle energy work. I will also suggest useful tools of practice to bring home as well as a pitchure of your soul energy I draw for you.  



Feedback from previous sessions;
Thank you so much. I felt very affirmed from my meeting with you and to feel understood and nourished by you. Also the pitchure you gave me was so lovely and very nourishing also.  /NG may 2016
Mariel Mokira is a very intuitive person and this was a helpful session for me. She read my energy really well and made some useful insights for my situation. It was a wonderful start to the weekend and the drawing was interesting and has given me hope. It felt like spending time with a wonderfully supportive friend who really listens to what you say and how you feel. / LC july 2016
Mariel, thank you so very much for meeting me today. You are a wonderful soul with a vibrant energy, like a fountain of peaceful waters, and my vibrations of energy were infused with your calming aura! I would like your spiritual guidance in my life. Peace and blessings to you always.
 /LG july 2016


Your treatment was wonderful. You are very empathetic and made me feel peaceful and secure. I sense that you know what you do and everything felt very natural to me. I became calm and present in your hands, and it was truly an enjoyable moment to the fullest! CJ


You taught me thinking with the heart! DA


I felt great after your treatment and slept better than ever that night. SK


Thanks for creating such a safe and inspiring space! AN


You give me inspriation and courage to be the person I am. Your way of setting boundaries helps me to get insights so I can become my true essence. LS


You bring aliveness out in me. RI














We start with shaking our bodies to uplifting drum and trance music, shaking off the stress and tensions and making our bodies more vibrant and alive


We do a gentle Spine Harmony yoga which is very sothing and encourage you to listen to your body. Its not about perfection or pushing yourself, but still very efficient!


I will guide you into an empowering relaxing meditation which includes grounding and connecting with your higher source


We will practice self healing, becoming familiar with our energy body


Blissful music experience


We will share our experiences, listen to eachother and choose a tarot/symbol card as guidance


Depending on the venue, there could be free dance at the end!


Soul Harmony Flow is a unique, 2  1/2 - 3 hour long meditation, where we in silence flow into techniques that I personally have practiced for a number of years and have now put together in a flowing meditation. It is created to give profound inner peace, raise your energy level and balance emotions.


Welcome to contact me for more information!

Suggested donation is £ 10 - £ 20



I really enjoyed my experience of Soul Harmony Flow with Mariel. I found the space she held to be gentle, kind and relaxed. My body responded well to the different elements and I could feel myself just letting go of things at a deep level, easily. I felt peaceful and light after. Thank you Mariel for a lovely session. J.A - febr 2017