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I have developed a passion to inspirit souls towards self nurturing and authenticity. This is how I live my life.


Many years ago I made a wish to the Universe; to be true to my heart no matter what. Since that moment, my body is giving me clear signals every time I abandon myself and forget listening to my intuition. It is like a whisper from within and often it shows up in the shape of a bodily pain.

It is our birthright to feel free and at peace. One way to freedom is to treasure the small moments in life.

To sit in contemplation in nature and observe a plant or a creature can bring great inner peace. One of my favourite contemplation is cloud gazing and watching a spider weaving a web fascinates me - such precision in it's intricate weaving!



During 2018 I have gone through more mystical experiences which could be called awakenings. However, the importance is alignment and integration into daily life. To reach this stage we really need to relax fully and learn to be kind and gentle towards ourselves.


When we don't resist uncomfortable emotions but fully feel them, seeds of peace are born. When becoming aware of and learn to go beyond projections, judgments, blaming, self sabotage, worrying, reactions, clinging, distractions..a new world is unfolding, clear, bright, profoundly peaceful.



I am a multi skilled catalyst for change and progress. To walk the talk is my motto. Words holds power, and I try to say only what I mean and avoid using words to speak against myself or others.


In this lifetime I have experienced many rebirths. 30 years of deep inner work, resolving childhood conditionings, is bearing fruit. Now I am free to be myself.


Most of my adult life I have worked closely with people, caring for and inspiring them. I am trained in life coaching, counselling, yoga, psychiatric health care and dementia, nutrition, massage, healing, dreamwork and shamanism. I have studied psychology and movement therapy at university.

Photography is a passion of mine, especially nature and water reflection photography. I have painted geometrical tantric and spiritual images which will be visable for people at a later point . 

Singing is one of the purest form to connect with spirit and something I am intending to do more often. Here is a link to a song I made together with my brother in 2008 and the video is made 2018.








Mariel offered me a lovely guidance session. I loved how she was able to be present with what was happening and be flexible to the needs of the moment. She offered me a grounding and centering meditation that was very powerful for me. There had been a missing piece to my energy hygiene process and she helped me expand my aura which felt amazing! I have continued to use it daily and it is helping me to shift deeper levels of tension and fear within. I feel more powerful and joyous. Thank you so much! /Mandy Snyder, April 2018
Mariel is a wonderful healer who soothes with her calm presence and tunes in very intuitively and precisely. She is a gifted sound and energy healer, and I enjoyed my session with her very much. She helped me to feel aligned, connected and grounded and I felt very supported by her presence. She is an excellent healer, and I highly recommend her to anyone seeking her services. Thank you. /Jenna, April 2018
I felt much relieved from my backache and relaxed after the session. The talks afterwards were also very enlightening and gave me alot of food for thought. I experienced the visualisation of being encapsuled by rainbows very strengthening. /KG, February 2018

Firstly, I have been very impressed with your gradual development and growing confidence here in the past weeks, how you have stepped into more responsibility and grown more confident about the role of staff. I also like how you look at yourself and are committed to becoming more the person you know you can be. This commitment to self work is a little known feature of our project which I rarely speak about but which I consider fundamental.
If you would like to return after you go back for your training, I offer you the co-manager track here. /J.M 2016

Thank you so much. I felt very affirmed from my meeting with you and I felt understood and nourished by you. Also the pitchure you gave me was so lovely and very nourishing also.  /NG, May 2016
Mariel Mokira is a very intuitive person and this was a helpful session for me. She read my energy really well and gave some useful insights for my situation. It was a wonderful start to the weekend and the drawing was interesting and has given me hope. It felt like spending time with a wonderfully supportive friend who really listens to what you say and how you feel. / LC, July 2016
Mariel, thank you so very much for meeting me today. You are a wonderful soul with a vibrant energy, like a fountain of peaceful waters, and my vibrations of energy were infused with your calming aura! I would like your spiritual guidance in my life. Peace and blessings to you always.
 /LG, July 2016


Mariel has been working as a professional carer since October 2014. During her time with the company, she has worked with people with varying conditions and disabilities. Not only does Mariel help to support our clients, but she also gives emotional support to their families and those around them. She works hard and is very proactive and is very dedicated to her work. She will always look for ways to improve things for her clients, her colleagues, and herself. She is approachable and calm natured. Feedback from other colleagues is that Mariel is engaged and always happy to help others. She is a good listener, sensitive, calm, and gives a well balanced outlook on situations. Mariel likes to help people whilst giving them the independence to be able to support and help themselves where they are able. She is very good at promoting independence. Mariel has good paperwork and IT skills. She meets deadlines, enjoys any extra training and skills coaching that she can be offered. / S.G 2015


Mariel stayed with me at my home in 2014. She helped with household tasks and to care for my four children. She was very flexible and able to take initiative where neccessary. She has a calm and comforting presence, and is a pleasure to be around. Her cleaning and organising were always to a high standard with good attention to detail. Her care of the children was faultless and they grew very fond of her during the time she was with us, we shall all miss her greatly. She is trustworthy and reliable and particularly sensitive to the needs of others. / T.B 2014


Your treatment was wonderful. You are very empathetic and made me feel peaceful and secure. I sense that you know what you do and everything felt very natural to me. I became calm and present in your hands, and it was truly an enjoyable moment to the fullest! CJ


You taught me to think with the heart! DA


I felt great after your treatment and slept better than ever that night. SK


Thanks for creating such a safe and inspiring space! AN


You give me inspriation and courage to be the person I am. Your way of setting boundaries helps me to get insights so I can become my true essence. LS


You bring out my aliveness. RI





















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